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Drone Reportage arises from an inspiration, to see and explore the beauty around us and that we often ignore from a different perspective and comprehensive as those that only a drone can offer.

DRONE REPORTAGE al lavoro in troupeYears of experience in tourism and enlightened by love for photography, nature and outdoor sports, led me to travel in countries where the pristine nature and breathtaking landscapes inspired by the places that offer unique emotions unexplored.

Every time I returned from a trip, richer in, I began to see the places I frequent always with different eyes and spirit understanding that the majority of the natives know their land less of tourists who visit it.
And 'why the 2011 I began to see my homeland from a different perspective, that only birds can have.

The emotion I felt when Friuli around the world I wrote "thank you" with tears in his eyes, after the publication of Friuli Video Spectacular, made me realize that I was on the right track.

Drone reportage and 'so' specializes in creating unique images, in all applications that the video aerial photography can be developed.

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Fabio Pappalettera

Cell. (+39) 320 8792018

E-mail: info@dronereportage.it

Viale Europa Unita, 51

33100 - Udine (UD)



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In order to operate with the Steering Remote Systems in Aircraft (CAD) commonly called Drones, in Italy must comply with the regulations issued by ENAC effective April 2014.

Among the most important requirements must be age, owning a second-class medical certificate, having attended a theoretical course certificate ENAC, use a SAPR with their certifications required and have passed a practical test for the equivalent SAPR.

As a result of all these requirements, DRONE JOURNALISTS is among the first 80 approved by ENAC for operations "noncritical" and among the first,,it,in the presence of people and above urban agglomerations,,it,ENAC Reference No. 9625 and No. 14404,,it,Site authorization ENAC Criticism S1,,it 30 for operations "critical" in presenza di persone e sopra agglomerati urbani. Also DRONE JOURNALISTS also owns ENAC authorization for OPERATIONS SPECIALIST CRITICAL in S1 (standard scenarios 1) drone filming with up to 4k resolution. Riferimenti Enac n°9625 e n°14404.

The approved operators are detectable in ENAC site or the page of the Operators in April.

OperatoriApr Logo Banner trasparente300

Drone Reportage is inserted in the list of Authorized dealers ENAC and consequently also on the Portal Operatori-APR.it.

Here ENAC authorizations:

Autorizzazione sito Enac Critiche S1

Non Critiche : inoffensivo ENAC - DRONE REPORTAGE al 02sett2017 copia


The portal www.operatori-apr.it is dedicated to the Client of all authorized operators of their list ENAC, authorized to conduct aerial work professional.



The portal is a collaboration of some professionals who, with passion and dedication, several years are dedicated to these advanced technologies.